Silver plating by Be.Ro. Galvanica acquires a 24K Gold glossy colour by flash or thickness treatment from 0.5 to 5 Microns.

The electrolytic process is one of the most used methods for gold plating using alkaline or acidic electrolytes.

The galvanic treatment is often used for ennobling and decorating objects. It consists of a very thin coating but at the same very effective for object protection.

The use of gold plating processing is significant on electric circuits components; the gold solution is indeed the best way to increase electrical conductivity.

Doratura lucida gialla
Doratura lucida gialla

Gold plating in short

Gold plating is suitable for metals: the object is immersed in a “bath” crossed by electric currents.

The current flows from a golden electrode to the dipped object; this process conveys particles of material on the object.

When gold plating has a strictly decorative purpose it is preferable to use flash treatment involving 0.05-0.1 mm thickness, which is different from the thickening technique involving a deposit over 0,5 mm.

The result is a uniform and resistant coating, even if thin.