Copper plating has a key role in industry field, although not offering a total protective coating, it is used as an intermediate layer for subsequent nickel plating.

In this regard, copper-nickel-iron combination gives a high protection degree to the processed object.

This technique is often used for alloys on which the electro-deposition of other materials appears to be difficult without compromising adherence.

Be.Ro Galvanica uses this technique, giving the object a glossy, matt, antiqued or brushed copper plating.


Copper plating in short

Copper plating is exclusively performed by galvanization, where the object to be plated (cathode) is immersed in electrolytic baths together with pure copper plates (anode).

Copper plating is generally used against corrosive agents and also to improve the performance of subsequent nickel plating. This treatment is often used in electronic components and electrotechnical engineering for printed circuits production or wires/steel cables coating.