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Since 1985 Be.Ro. Galvanica is equipped with the best galvanizing systems thus being able to perform treatments on various types of materials. Ask for quotation.


Silver plating

1 to 30 microns thickness, brushed and with antiqued finish

Doratura lucida gialla

Gold plating

Yellow Gold 24K, flash and thickening treatment from 0.5 to 5 microns

Trattamento Bicolore

Two-colours treatment

Gold/Silver flash and thickening treatment.

Minuteria Nichel

Nickel plating

Glossy and brushed nickel plating


Copper plating

Glossy, matt, antiqued finish and brushed Copper plating

Canna di Fucile

Black (Gun-metal grey) Nickel Plating

Tin/nickel or tin/cobalt finishing in aqueous solutions.

Colore Titanio Nero

Titanium black colour

Reproduction of the style and dark colour of titanium

Verniciatura Lucida e Protettiva

Transparent and protective lacquering

Treatment preventing oxidation and corrosion

Spazzolatura e Brunitura

Brushing and burnishing

Removal of defects and black colouring of brass objects



Electroplating is a technique that allows coating, through electrolysis process, non-precious objects with a thin layer of precious or noble metal.
Our galvanic treatments are generally used to coat structures or metal objects to prevent their corrosion.
However, galvanic bath or treatment is often used in silver-goldsmith industry for decorative purposes.

Galvanic treatments by Be.Ro Galvanica are applicable on metals such as silver, copper, brass, steel, iron and pewter.

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We are constantly working and ready to take on projects and challenges of the new era. Our treatments range from electronics to hotel industry.

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